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Official Affiliate ! (Amazon)

Regium Market‘ is now a registered business in Affiliation with Amazon.

The next steps are to develop a weekly Advertisement and Product rotation for the public access and a section for all sponsors to review products sold, links viewed/clicked, and the sections of highest activity.

Through this week different parts of the website will be updated (Mostly new posts on ‘Home Page‘ and product links on the ‘Products‘ page.

Please be patient as we develop and become more available for use,

Bryson Moore

Leon Moore


The ‘Regium’ Affiliate Market

Regium Marketing is an affiliate based online marketing company based off other affiliate programs such as Clickbank ( or Amazon ( It is co-owned by Bryson Moore (15) and Leon Moore (55), I, Bryson Moore, am a student and wish to gain experience in the business world. Through the next 180 days I expect to fill the page with advertisements and different links to get you the products you need and in an educated manner of which there will be only thorough and quality reviews, products, prices, and with as little clutter and difficulty as possible.

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